2006 After the Deluge- descend (7)

2006 After the Deluge- descend (8)2011 Rev 11 (22a)src=”″ alt=”2011 Rev 11 (22a)” width=”263″ height=”300″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-2376″ />2011 Armageddon (5)


2013 Carpe Diem B (105)

3 oil / acrylic paintings (2004-2013) by LSJ

The Return of Christ

There comes a day – at the advent of Christ – should the grand design be fitly joined that Gentiles shall no longer accuse nor excuse the Jew when the world finally grasps the mystery between Israel and Yahweh that, bound by an irrevocable covenant, Yahweh is still the God of Israel and He, in spite of her failures, has come to avenge her! The Song of Moses, penned more than three millenniums ago in the Sinai desert, may now seem apocalyptic. Ezekiel too may have submitted his analogy of the grand finale of Israel’s redemption. For what simmered as the great tribulation has reached boiling point. This is the long awaited moment. D-Day has arrived and the heavens are rent. And though it be but a faint glimpse of The Christ returning in the clouds, He that is fast-approaching on a white horse is the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS draped in the blood of His spoil accompanied by two separate host of armies – His glorious Bride and His angelic hosts. ~ an excerpt from SIGNS: an Eschatological Motif by L.S. James. 2014


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