“We are a generation that settles the land, and without the steel helmet and the cannon’s fire we will not be able to plant a tree and build a home.” Moshe Dayan, April 1956.

This is from a funeral oration delivered in April 1956 by Moshe Dayan, then chief of the Israel Defense Forces. Dayan, a seminal figure in Israeli history, was honoring a settler killed in a kibbutz near the border with the Gaza Strip, then technically under Egyptian control. The thin slice of land had seen an influx of Palestinian refugees after Israel’s 1948 war of independence, as Israeli forces seized and razed myriad Palestinian villages. Neighboring Arab states had fought against Israel’s creation. A decade later, Israel took control of Gaza following the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. Ishaan Tharoor and Adam Taylor “10 quotes that explain the history of the Gaza conflict” Washington Post. Web 21 July 2014.

10 quotes that explain the history of the Gaza conflict – The Washington Post




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