The Provocation by L.S. James (2013)

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The Provocation

We never screams, we never fights
The serpent’s seed pressed in our hides
We make no claims but he delights
His name or number stamp our rights
But bended knees now bid thee nigh
“Come blessed savior, the Savior’s blight!
For such an hour of the night,
Come have thy blessed hope ignite!”
So bless his wonders, ye redeemed,
That bear the mark and seal of him!
We’ll march like martyrs and be with him
Applauding him the King of kings!
We’ll march like martyrs, damned as we,
That bare the numbered seal of him!

excerpt from ‘SIGNS, There will be blood and some will burn!’ by L.S. James (2013, a work-in-progress)


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