Tares double talk ~ L.J

Tares double talk ~ L.S. James

(segment of a Pink Floyd montage by L.S.J)

Tares double talk

I speak condescendingly from a high position to you and you and you
Who first drew blood from my sweet disposition:
A babe in Christ, innocent and unaccustomedly new

The journey long hones me to precision with little incisions 
That probes every verse, line and tittle
Crazed to behold the lights of unsullied truth, perchance, wisdom 

For it is you who walked with me into the far sanctuary beguiled
Forthcoming in your charm, but how subtly you disarm the masses now
To procure a heaven without the risen Christ!

Veiled in believing beauty religion is but man!
Of this He said ‘I never knew you. Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’
And could it be that your damned devising and my indignant sighing procures your fateful end?

That the chasm dividing you and me, should God rouse a fit,
You congregants of cultic cunning crooks, you vile and vicious brood
Shall leave the earth accursed and bereft of me!

Let not my hand nor my good person draw nigh to them
For You have said, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”
Accursed and damned, fear follows them ‘til Death condescends

Buckle and bend, each one condemned, 
For your damn devising, compromising and merchandizing
For the sake of truth now, Lord, the hell with them!

L.S. James (2013)


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