Noah's Naive World

Year: 2011
Media: Oil on canvas
Size: 4’X5′

Thought : His father named him Noah meaning ‘This one will comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because the ground which the LORD has cursed’ Genesis 5.29. Comfort? ‘Noah found grace in the eyes of God’ and was given the hands-on task of building the ark in the midst of a heat wave that lasted a hundred years whereupon the rain and flood descended. And so the mocking stilled as Noah ‘the preacher of righteousness’ ultimately ushered the destruction of man and beast through a flood. Noah must have been brilliantly endowed with a slant for hard work, architecture and husbandry. (Some say that the next big ship appeared only at the dawn of the nuclear age) Wonder if any of the 8 survivors suffered any post-Flood psychosis having witnessed the death of mankind, isolation and the morbid reality of a deconstructed world. One thing’s for sure they held our genes. Then to think of the ark that took a 100 years of labor, used for 150 days or more, and abandoned on Mt.Ararat could lure man to research the biblical record of a global flood? After the flood, the gifted man planted a vineyard, got drunk on sour grapes and blurted a curse that plagued a lineage. But give the man his due – Noah the ultimate working-class dog craved for a Tiger.


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