SIGNS (work-in-progress) written and illustrated by L.S. James. 2012-

2012 The Beast (14)

2012 aMystery (50)

2010 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

SIGNS--There wii be blood and some will burn!
SIGNS–a book written and illustrated by Larry James (2012-)

Why this? While interacting with the online Judeo-Christian community for some recent months, I was quickened in the spirit to the reality of man’s utter depravity and his spiraling decay. With this stark truth came the dire need to inform the uninformed, the concerned and the careless of what is and what is to come in the twinkling of an eye – the apocalyptic age. There will be blood and some will burn! ~ L.J 2012

Glory to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, thanking Him for inspiring and sanctifying the work
And for the scholarly work of the saints who labored to disciple men in sound doctrine
To those who have walked the extra mile with this eccentric – thank you
Lastly, thank You – Holy Spirit – without whom there would not be this synergy.


“Larry has utilized his artistic talent in a very distinctive way to present an often difficult and yet interesting angle towards eschatology. Readers will find his work engaging and his presentation unique through the use of his own personal art works.” ~Rev Mark Poh, Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Assembly of God (Singapore)

“The work of Larry James brings out the reality of the Biblical narrative in striking colours and is thus a stirring invitation to the viewers to have their own personal narratives joined to the life brought to us by Jesus Christ!” ~LT. [Lawrence Theodore Jeyachandran] Executive Director in Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (Asia-Pacific) April 2003-September 2012.


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